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If they are private, then only the user who created the link has access; if they are public, then all database users have access.

One principal difference among database links is the way that connections to a remote database occur.

Will they be triggered when doing these edits via Access front end?

Yes, they will; the triggers shouldn't be aware of what causes the inserts/updates (except, maybe, for restore operations).

Before starting, please note – Share Point is not a relational database system, so don’t try to use it for full-blown relational database applications!!!

Having said that, it does work well for many smaller list-management applications for which you might have used Access or Excel, and I guess it’s possible (pure speculation here) that by the time we start hearing more about Share Point 14 and Office 14, Share Point and Access may be getting even closer together.

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My concern is: the server has some procedures set on this table that are coded to trigger on insert/update.

A database link connection allows local users to access data on a remote database.

For this connection to occur, each database in the distributed system must have a unique Database links are either private or public.

but will unlink it and allow you to link a different table in its place. When I gave him the database, I split it in anticipation of this so that I could give him a replacement fromtend without affecting his existing data.

It would seem you need to get the new definition into the tables DB then get the old data transferred from the old table into the new table, then delete the old link and the new table link and recreate the table link with the new BE table. My problem is that one of the changes he has asked for requires one of the tables altering. str Backend DBName = Get Data Location() Set My Db = Open Database(str Backend DBName) Function Get Data Location() As String On Error Resume Next Dim my DB As Database, tdef As Table Def, Connect String As String Set my DB = Current Db Set tdef = my DB. Connect Get Data Location = right(Connect String, Len(Connect String) - 10) End Function -- regards, [email protected] Hi All, I created a database for a friend a few months ago which has been working fine.

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