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Situated between the Palace Embankment and the Palace Square, adjacent to the site of Peter the Great's original Winter Palace, the present and fourth Winter Palace was built and altered almost continuously between the late 1730s and 1837, when it was severely damaged by fire and immediately rebuilt.The storming of the palace in 1917 as depicted in Soviet paintings and Eisenstein's 1927 film October became an iconic symbol of the Russian Revolution.The authorities said that those detained had been recruiting people to join groups including the Islamic State to carry out terrorist crimes and join illegal armed groups abroad.Meanwhile, families of two young women have revealed that their faces have been wrecked by the devastating bomb - containing ball bearings and bolts - on the crowded metro train.

Russian authorities have rejected calls to impose visas on Central Asian nationals, hinting that having millions of jobless men across the border from Russia would be a bigger security threat.Saint Petersburg was considered to be «a key for paradise» for the Russian Empire, so the city's name is very symbolic: it was called in honor of Saint Peter, who, as we know from the Holy Bible, was a keeper of the keys from the paradise.Saint Petersburg today is one of the most important cultural, scientific and industrial cities in Russia, housing several hundred of museums and exhibition halls.The Kyrgyz intelligence agency said Russian authorities informed them about the man, aged between 21 and 22, but they were not aware of his specific role in the bombing.The intelligence agency said it is co-operating with Russian authorities to help the investigation.

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