Speed dating wauwatosa

Since 2006 the dating service has been organizing singles mixers for those who fly their freak flag proudly. You don't have to struggle for conversation as much because it's people who have the same interests as you.They began in Chicago (where the company is based) and have since and expanded to Indianapolis, the Twin Cities, and most recently came to Milwaukee a year ago. They won't all necessarily be Buffy fans, but what you will find is people who have that same love of learning and curiosity and light of mind." Nerds at Heart events begin with an ice-breaker and go on to incorporate classic board games (think Uno and Taboo) interspersed with short rounds of trivia.Their next gathering here will be at Karma Bar & Grill on June 24. "The people are grouped in sets of six or ten, so there's a dynamic where you're able to get to know people," says Birmin."The men rotate tables and the ladies stay seated." Birmin was inspired to start the company six years ago after hearing battle-weary friends complain about the rigors of the urban dating scene.Splash offers three-hour painting sessions with Milwaukee’s coolest local artists.Plus, it’s a full bar with plenty of liquid encouragement. Do you long to have meaningful, hour-long conversations with your partner about why "Firefly" should never have been cancelled or a lively debate about the canonical anachronisms of the 2009 "Star Trek" movie? But to be fair, it wouldn't be a party without them.) "This will be the best conversation you'll ever have," Birmin promises.If the answer is yes, Bathsheba Birmin and the good folks at Chicago-based Nerds at Heart have got your back. Rather, says Birmin, it's a gathering of friendly, smart working professionals who are looking to meet like-minded individuals. "One of the reasons our events are so relaxed is that we work really hard to make it a fun environment.

That didn't seem to me to be the stuff of long-term relationships." Thus was born Nerds at Heart, the low-pressure, no-awkwardness approach to finding real, meaningful, and delightfully nerdy companionship. Birmin says she has personally attended several weddings of her clients in Chicago and "this year our first nerd baby was born," she says.

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Local dating in Milwaukee echoes the vibrant blend of big city vibes and small town ambiance that make our home the perfect slice of the Midwest.

Whether you prefer tailgating at Millers Park, biking the Oak Leaf Trail, shopping the streets of the Third Ward, or appreciating the architecture of the Basilica of St.

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