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We’ve been conversing about different meaningful subjects, he asked me to talk about them, so it’s not as if I’m beating him over the head with my thoughts.And yet I think I may have overdone it as I haven’t heard from him in nearly a week, though he’s been on the site. when you dont and they ask you questions, theyre not trying to be annoying, they are trying desperately to keeo a conversation going that seems exteremly onesided. when you do, girls love it because they think you actually care about them and that you want to know more about her.

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He sent me a message last night saying that he thinks communication on the site is too slow and he would like to have my full attention.He was the one who asked for your number and for a date, then he backed off.But what I’ve found so far is that the men that I’ve given my phone number to will call every day and sometimes twice a day.I don’t want to come across as obsessive, or bother him, and I want to be pursued rather than chase him on the computer.What can you recommend I might say/do to regain his interest or just confirm that he’s still interested without seeming desperate? I’d at least like to have some closure if he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

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