Matt baker and julia bradbury dating

presenters to wear clearly branded outfits from a leading outdoor clothing company, the BBC Trust has found.

Viewers complained that two of the presenters on BBC1 rural magazine show were wearing the same branded clothing, visibly displaying the logo of Rab, the outdoor wear manufacturer.

The complainants called this “blatant product placement & advertising which should not be allowed”.

The BBC said that the nature of , presented by Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury, requires its hosts to wear “specialist outdoor clothing”, which in many cases is branded.

You can catch her on Saturdays on ITV’s Britiain’s Best Walks.

Busy promoting my new book Unforgettable Walks (published by Quercus) that tells the story of the walks shown on the primetime ITV series Best Walks With a View.

It’s a relaxing ramble through the stories of the places I visited in the series, including the beloved Lake District, Anglesey, the Jurassic Coast and the area I grew up walking, the Peak District.

When she found she was unable to conceive naturally, Julia and her partner started IVF treatments but soon struggled to keep up with the gruelling schedule whilst also filming for the long-running BBC programme."With IVF you need to be somewhere every could of days," she told the magazine, before explaining that filming all over Britain with Countryfile made this nearly impossible."I decided, for the first time in my career, to make a personal decision that overtook my work," she said.

Julia was referred to a psychiatrist and, although she was never diagnosed with depression, was struggling with a host of emotional issues.

She revealed that she saw the psychiatrist once a week for four or five months, saying: "I had hit the buffers and I don't mind saying so because one in four of us will suffer from some sort of mental health issue in our lives."Around the time of her counselling sessions, the Britain's Best Walks presenter met her property developer partner Gerard Cunningham, with whom she then had her first son, Zephyr.

All the show’s main presenters have been out in the area looking at various aspects of coastal life - from the iconic crab industry to recreating a lesser known perfume from the area.

Julia Bradbury has been rolling up her sleeves to help volunteers revive a tired seafront shelter at Cromer, and will be tracking down the recipe of a Poppyland Bouquet perfume which was popular until the 1930s and trying to re-concoct it, before asking locals to do a sniff test.

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