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That happens all the time; that doesn’t bother me at all,” says Arlene of Marks first conviction for which he went to prison. “He was 19 and slept with his 15-year-old girlfriend.The film debuted in 2012 at the Toronto International Film Festival.Arlene says her boyfriend, Mark, is a good man and she had him move into the home she shares with her teen daughter so they could be the family she says she has always wanted. “Then, while he was in prison, the second charge came up. It looks bad because he pleaded guilty, but they also badgered him into taking the plea deal.”WATCH: 16-Year-Old Says Mom Moved Sex Offender Into Their Home, Kicked Her Out Arlene says she believes Mark was falsely accused.The next day, the actor was on set in Dallas for a project when his phone started going off with texts from friends asking him if the comment was true.Soon, he noticed the headline trending on his news apps.It's exactly what Pr EP advocates have been waiting for, because it isn't beholden to stiff health department guidelines or even political correctness. Want to know more about Pr EP or ask questions to experts and advocates?

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For the global pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo Smith Kline the headlines couldn't be worse: Mark Reilly, the British chief of its China division is trapped in that country facing bribery allegations — charges which may well be false.

That’s when Morgan says she went to a school counselor who called the Department of Family and Child Services.

WATCH: Why Mom Defends Sex Offender Boyfriend“DCFS told me I had two hours to find somewhere for Morgan to move to. They gave me the option that she had to move out, period,” Arlene claims.

WATCH: Why Woman Says Best Friend’s Daughter Is Better Off Living With Her Than Her Mom In the video above, learn more about Arlene and Mark’s relationship.

A video surfaced Wednesday showing HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher condoning a sexual relationship between a 35-year-old female teacher and a 12-year-old male student that resulted in the woman getting pregnant twice before eventually being jailed.

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