Leona lewis dating

That was always a weird thing for me,’ she explained. ” I feel like you think you are going to be ready but then you get to your late 20s and you’re not ready.’ Lewis revealed she has learnt enough German to ensure she knows if conversation is turning saucy or ugly. So if he tries to swear at me in German, I know what he’s saying! With the idea of children also on her list of future plans, the former X Factor winner explained she would like to adopt a child to raise as her own.

‘My mum was brought up in a children’s home and although her childhood was good, she never had a mum or a dad.

As if we weren't already confused by Liam Payne's and 'X Factor UK' winner Leona Lewis' maybe-maybe not dating rumors, new reports are now giving us even more to consider!

After helping out and performing on the BBC Children in Need telethon on November 16, sources reveal that the two were rumored to spend some alone time together after the performance backstage.

Finally, Payne says he didn’t insult Kim Kardashian.

His fatigue came after both stars refused to extinguish the gossip over a period when they were both promoting new records.

The 19-year-old came clean on Twitter when he wrote: ‘Okay bored of constant news articles…

‘A French knicker is about as much as I’d go – but not showing it to the whole world.

‘Sometimes you can get drowned out if you’re not out there and loud and aggressive.’ Lewis, who left Sony last year, isn’t the first act to use Grindr to promote their music.

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