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Janet specializes in the hot-button issues, like abortion, homosexuality, and pornography. Through petitioning efforts and prayer, Janet was instrumental in helping to overturn the Terri Schiavo decision. Previously the national director of the Center for Reclaiming America, founded by Dr. James Kennedy, Janet launched an online campaign that transpired into one of the largest pro-family grassroots efforts, pulling in more than 500,000 people. She also successfully lobbied for the passage of the nation's first partial-birth abortion ban, which she talks about in her previous book, True to Life! Janet's current book, What 's a Girl to do While Waiting for Mr. , is an honest look at the single's scene today, complete with hilarious tales of Janet's personal dating woes and a slew of Bible verses to help Christian singles navigate the waters of loneliness, discouragement, and God's purposes for this season of life. After 20 years in the profession of helping people, I have come to understand something: we cause much of our pain by the people we choose.In every kind of clinical issue that psychologists deal with, relationships are a big part of the picture in some way.Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, the fifth person in space, and the oldest person to fly in space.

“With ‘The Right Stuff,’ we’re looking at moment in time where the everyday life, the trials and tribulations, of these men was scrutinized in the public.Most people find themselves in one rotten relationship after another, and don’t stop to analyze why they make these choices.They just assume they are unlucky, often not considering there may be a better way to make choices in relationships. The quality of someone’s makeup determines whether or not they’ll be good in a relationship.Some might mistake her as the heiress to the Folgers Coffee empire, but though this Christian single shares the same last name, and a wonderfully caffeinated sense of humor, she is brewing much more than just coffee. If you look at Shiphrah and Pua [Exodus -21], it gives me great confidence. Pharoah was saying that he was going to kill off the Israelites, kill all the male children. I am not going to listen to your stupid little order! I am dating like a maniac, having a blast, and her life is bleak. In fact, unlike other singles who spend hours crying over their singleness or wait for life and purpose to find them, Janet L.

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