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On December 25, 1969, Seiko marketed the world's first quartz watch, the Seiko Quartz Astron, and subsequently opened the patents to the world. With the delivery of this powerful statement, as a result, Seiko set the global standard, and today, most quartz watches use the system Seiko developed.

For Seiko, the story of quartz is still only just beginning.

The salient features of this 6.1-mm-thick movement included a single button to trigger the chronograph’s functions, horizontal coupling, and a column wheel to control the start, stop and return-to-zero functions. With the chronograph mechanism switched on, the movement would run for 38 hours.

The case was made of steel and was 38.2 mm in diameter and 11.2 mm thick.

The English name “Timekeeper” was a product of Hattori’s shrewd business sense, as he realized that such a name would expand future export possibilities for the product.

Hattori quickly recognized the growing worldwide popularity of the wristwatch and predicted that the demand for wristwatches would shortly outpace that for pocketwatches.

After several years of producing high-quality wall clocks, Seikosha released its first pocketwatch, called simply the Timekeeper, in 1895.

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Seiko has, once again, pushed back the boundaries of what a watch can deliver and has set a new world standard in electronic watchmaking. Astron has continued to pursue "the ultimate wristwatch.

In 2007, Seiko's emotional technology Kinetic Direct Drive is introduced.

As in all existing Kinetic calibers, the wearer automatically generates electrical energy by her/his wrist movement.

Introduced under the trial name of 'AGM', it was the first watch in the world to convert kinetic movement into electrical energy.

It was the first step in a development that, 20 years later, has made Kinetic synonymous with environmental friendliness, high performance and long-lasting convenience to a generation of users worldwide.

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