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The more refined a language, the more evolved is its culture.

The study of languages which facilitate intercultural understanding is an important objective of the Institute.

Got a copy of the Chinyanja Basic course audios courtesy once again of Dr. If you know of any other public domain FSI material we are missing, please contact us at [email protected] we will try to get it up right away. We worked all week to get the free public domain language courses back online so people who were using them could continue to do so.

We have uploaded them and they are ready for you to use. Thanks to Demi Puppet (real name unknown) for getting us the Swahili Active Introduction, Kiruba and Serbo-Croatian Volume 2 audios. We found out through a comment on an online language forum that we were missing the audios for the course. We went out and got them and uploaded them for everybody to use. The problem was remedied today and they are now up. We have stated uploading and adding some public domain Peace Corps language courses and cultural guides to the site as well. We noticed that the original FSI language course website was down.

A major update has been made to the interface of the FSI courses! Got sent a copy of the Polish FAST audios and put them up.

The School of Languages also offers a number of computer training courses in collaboration with NIIT. Thanks again to Demi Puppet for getting us the missing Amharic audio files.Living in the modern world without knowing any foreign language is almost impossible.If you just show up you will not get worst, you often improve but very slowly.But if you drill with flashcards at home or a language learning program and then practice with For the lessons I recommend 70% pure conversation (where you are corrected and repeated patterns of mistakes are noted by the tutor and worked into the grammar lessons) 20% grammar drills (real drilling – not too much explaining grammar) and 10% other, which could be dictation, reading/pronunciation work etc.

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