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"If your daughter whipped out the pen to ink the deal, you'd smack her and say, ‘What are you, NUTS? But before introducing these quotes, I’d like to expand on a term that these so-disappointed individuals regularly employ in stressing how they came to feel used, manipulated, or exploited by their narcissistic partner.

This term—namely, —was originally psychoanalytic jargon. But it’s been adopted with increasing frequency by lay people to help convey their distressingly felt objectification on the part of their “soul-sucking” partner: that is, exploited, diminished, and even dehumanized, As a result, the pejorative designation “narcissistic supply” has now entered the linguistic mainstream (cf. What the term so well pinpoints is the fact that narcissists can only value others to the extent they bolster their self-image.

The counselor, who is still good friends with Ms Caples and shares parenting duties, explained: 'I gave up, so Julia didn't have to.

The quotes from these victims are taken from a lengthy series of online forum comments excerpted in the narcissist’s victims (more commonly women than men) get emotionally entangled with such difficult individuals in the first place?The iconic vampire hearkens back to All Hallows Eve, a Celtic-inspired festival that commemorated the transition between harvest season and the beginning of winter.During that transition, it was believed that a portal opened in the earth, allowing mysterious creatures, including vampires, to walk among us.So we’re waiting for his wife to get home from work and take care of it.Once the cut is made, she’ll step back, and he’ll come forward to feed on my blood.* * *Today, there is a worldwide community of human vampires, or “real vampires,” as scholars typically call them.

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